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4Life Transfer Factor is not a cure for allergies or hay fever, but it is really worth supplementing

4Life Transfer Factor is not a cure for allergies or hay fever, but it is really worth supplementing

A question from a client: "My friend took 1 bottle of 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor and says her persistent hay fever has alleviated a lot. Does that mean Transfer Factor is an allergy medication?"


No, because dietary supplements are not used to cure any disease. They can be helpful though :)


Neither Transfer Factor Tri-Factor , nor Transfer Factor Classic bought so often for allergic children are not drugs!


They are dietary supplements. And if something isn't a medicine, it can't be used for healing. Hay fever is treated by an allergist.


Dietary supplements, just like any food products, can be taken in any health condition (unless your doctor tells you otherwise!) to enrich your diet or your child's diet with nutrients contained in the supplement. Transfer Factors contain colostrum, i.e. bovine colostrum (young). Our seller experience shows that supplementation of colostrum in Transfer Factors is very beneficial for customers, because some of them stay in touch with us and report it, just like your friend.


Hay fever in brief


Hay fever, or allergic mucositis, occurs in people who are sensitive to contact with the allergen: plant pollen, fungal spores, house dust mites, and animal hair. Hay fever is usually affected by the seasonal effects. It is most felt in spring, when pollen appears in the air, and in summer, when the grass begins to dust. In sensitive people, allergens, e.g. pollen, stimulate cells of the immune system (mast cells) to react unnecessarily. The secretion of histamine, a neurohormone that starts local inflammation and turns on the need for increased amounts of mucus to "flush out" the allergen, begins. It is estimated that every fifth child suffers from allergic mucositis. If left untreated, it can lead to the development of asthma.


Official medicine says that susceptibility to hay fever is genetically dependent, as it has been observed to increase in people who have a family history of asthma or allergies. Supporters of natural medicine advise to look for causes in the diet and lifestyle, which - like our genes - we inherit from our parents and most often share with our siblings. The "anti-vaccine workers" suspect, in turn, that the increasing susceptibility of children to allergies is the result of vaccinations, which excessively stimulate the immune system. Who is right?

Who knows...


We think it's worth it


Undoubtedly, our immunity is a very complex and dynamic mechanism, intertwined with many others (e.g. with the nervous system, hence, for example, as a result of stress, our immunity may drop rapidly). Every day the immune system encounters a range of environmental stimuli, both those coming from outside the body and those produced inside the body, to ignore some and eliminate others. Therefore, we must be aware that both diet and lifestyle (eg regular exercise in the fresh air) provide him with many of these stimuli to "work out", so we should make sure that these stimuli are not unnecessarily burdensome. Treatment of allergies should therefore go hand in hand with care for a healthy and varied diet.


Based on our almost 20 years of experience in the distribution of Transfer Factor supplements, we recommend that all allergy sufferers become interested in dietary supplements Transfer Factor Classic or Transfer Factor Tri-Factor. These supplements contain colostrum bovinum, which is naturally rich in nutrients that ... well, they don't heal *, but you will surely be satisfied with them :) Just like our other clients.


* Dietary supplements are subject to very strict legal restrictions. Each retailer is required to emphasize that they are not intended for the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of disease.