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Have a shark immunity!

Why do some people hardly get sick
and what does that have to do with sharks? 

Do you know people who are full of energy all year round - regardless of the weather or season? 

People who practically never get sick? 

Children who do not know antibiotics?

You want to be healthy and have healthy children just like them, don't you?

How do you manage to always be as healthy as a fish in water?

Fish are a very good example, specifically sharks, which have extremely high immunity. It enabled them to survive on our planet since the dinosaur age.

It is believed that sharks do not have cancer at all.

In reality, sharks sometimes get sick. However, it happens extremely rarely because a shark's immune system is very efficient and reacts quickly to the smallest foci of disease. Not only cancerous but also viral! He eliminates them before they develop.

People who are "as healthy as a fish in water" - like the sharks - have very high immunity. In other words, your immune system is super strong and efficient.

What is the immune system and immunity?

The immune system is an army of different types of immune cells that monitor every corner of your body every second, detecting potential threats. 

There can be threats from the outside (bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollutants, toxins) but also from the inside (mutated or damaged cells, inflammation due to allergies or autoimmunity).

In order to properly recognize a threat and respond effectively to it, the immune cells communicate with each other and work together. As a team, they initiate treatment processes that best match the risk. 

But that is not all. Every "battle" is a learning opportunity for the immune system. Yes, the immune cells are constantly learning. You remember the affective reactions. They inform each other about them and improve their “qualifications”.

And as in any war, the best trained, best fed, and best-commanded army wins. So an army of "lucky ones" who get sick much less than others. 

How much does high immunity cost?

You might say, "If I had shark genes, I'd be immune to cancer too."

But your super healthy friends don't have shark genes!

To be honest, high immunity is only partly a matter of genes. For the most part, it depends on us. From what we do every day and night. From our lifestyle.

Caution! We are now going to tell you the secret of these people who are as healthy as fish in water!

The “healthy like fish in water” base their immunity on 5 key health foundations: 

  1. on a rich, varied diet, 

  2. to exercise in the fresh air, 

  3. on healthy, regenerative sleep, 

  4. on a positive mental attitude that helps to counteract stress, 

  5. and maintaining close relationships with other people.

And they do it every day!

Exhausting, isn't it? Especially in these crazy times.

However, there is nothing more precious than health. 

When you are healthy, when your child is healthy, you can live your life to the fullest, pursue your plans and fulfil your dreams. 

That is why it is worth investing in high immunity. Build solid foundations. 

If you want to develop healthy eating habits, it's not worth putting off until later. You can already do something good for your immunity today.

Already today you can limit the sweets.

You can eat more vegetables today.

You can already supply yourself with dietary supplements today.

Dietary supplements can also support immunity.

The essence of dietary supplements is to counteract the lack of important nutrients. Nutrients that are considered necessary for the body to function properly - for example, to support the immune system.

Dietary supplements are convenient and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They cannot replace a healthy diet, but they support it significantly. 

Every day, thousands of healthy people take dietary supplements. They want to be sure that they are providing their brave cells with optimal fuel to work.

The market for dietary supplements is huge. How do I deal with this? How should I decide which dietary supplement is best for me?

Rely on our experience!  

Dietary supplements that we recommend

Because of health problems in our family, we have been trying many dietary supplements from different manufacturers for over 20 years. 

In 2004, we stumbled across Transfer Factor products from 4Life, which proudly calls itself the "immune system company." 

Her dietary supplements proved to be better than any previously used. And so it is to this day. We clearly believe that they are unattainable. That's why we passionately recommend them to everyone as the miracle supplements we've personally tested. 

Result? 100% satisfied customers Don't you think so?

Try them yourself and let us know how you feel in 2 weeks.

Yes, usually 2 weeks is enough to see how wonderful the Transfer Factor supplement works.

Our opinion is shared by thousands of customers around the world. In 2020, 4Life Transfer Factor supplements were honoured

Awarded Best Immune System Supplements in the United States and Best Health Supplements in Utah (by LUXlife).

Remember: immunity is the key to health. So don't hesitate. 

Don't be a dinosaur ;) Be healthy like a fish in water!


More details on 4Life Transfer Factor products can be found on our blog.


Transfer Factor Classic | 600 mg | 90 caps, dietary supplement, 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Classic | 600 mg | 90 caps, dietary supplement, 4Life, USA

56,19 € incl. VAT/1szt.(0,62 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor Tri-Factor | 600 mg | 60 caps, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor | 600 mg | 60 caps, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

62,34 € incl. VAT/1szt.(1,04 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor - dietary supplement 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor - dietary supplement 4Life, USA

79,90 € incl. VAT/1szt.(0,89 € / pc. incl. VAT)