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4Life Transfer Factor Plus - which version is stronger: American or European?

4Life Transfer Factor Plus - which version is stronger: American or European?

A question from a client: I have a question for you about the product "4life Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor Fomula - 60 capsules" with the recommended dose of 2 capsules a day. On your page, the description is for a package of 90 capsules with a dose of 3 times a day. I compared the composition of both products and the packaging of 90 capsules - it does not contain Beta-sitosterol. There is also no certified logo on it. The question is whether you can buy an American product exactly as shown in the picture - 60 capsules? Thank you in advance for the answer.

In Europe, you cannot buy the Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor supplement in the US 60-capsule version, which you are asking about. It is related to legal regulations. The European product is identical to the one sold in the USA: it contains identical ingredients and the total number of them in the entire package is the same, they are only "split" into more capsules, i.e. the amount of ingredients in the American 60 capsules is equal to the amount of ingredients in 90 European capsules.

The producer of Transfer Factors, the 4Life Research company, when introducing dietary supplements to the European Union, must comply with EU law. European requirements strictly define, among others, the way of labelling dietary supplements and the maximum amount of individual ingredients in 1 serving. That is why 4Life adapts its products to these requirements before introducing them to Europe. However, in case of the American and European "Plus" the differences are formal.

The main difference, apart from a different number of capsules, lies in the description. EU requirements for the labelling of dietary supplements are different than in the USA, e.g. in the nutritional value of the European packaging you will find the specified colostrum and egg yolks, not the 4Life Transfer Factor molecules, although they are the key ingredient present in the supplement (extracted from the colostrum and egg yolks). The same is true for Beta-sitosterol from the Cordyvant complex and the Cordyvant complex itself. The "primary" ingredients must be listed on the European label, i.e. soybeans (because this is the source from where beta-sisterols and phytosterols are extracted into the Cordyvant complex).

If you look at the European Commission website here you can find that labeling of dietary supplements in the EU is extremely strict. For this reason, any non-officially authorized "certified" type marking on the label is prohibited. That is why on the European label you will find the logo with the tri-factor molecule without the text. Such a clerical reality. :(

To sum up, we recommend you a European Transfer Factor Plus instead of an American one - because it is qualitatively identical to the one you are looking for. It is an original 4Life Research product manufactured in the USA. The recommended dosage of this 90-capsule version is 3 capsules per day. 

Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska / Copyright © Primanatura 2016-