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Child immunity level vs. fever and inflammation

Child immunity level vs. fever and inflammation

Parents of children with low immunity rarely see their children in acute fever. Despite the lack of fever, they cannot say that their children are healthy because a chronic runny nose, cough and irritability are evidence of an ongoing disease. Increasing immunity in such a situation may result in acute inflammation and fever. How to deal with increasing child immunity?

Today, more and more children and adults develop infections without fever, which is in fact a sign of low or impaired immunity. 

But a fever is not a symptom of an infection, but a reaction to it.

A not immune child usually reacts poorly to infections, hence the inflammation "smoulders" without fever or with a very low fever. Meanwhile, a child's high immunity is characterized by a strong reaction to infections, especially viral ones, sometimes with very high fevers. Therefore, a rapid increase in immunity while a child is infected can result in a violent response from the immune system: a strong inflammatory reaction and a high fever.

A high fever is a heavy burden for the body not only of a child but also of an adult, therefore a feverish patient requires proper care. So many parents are afraid of fever like fire and prefer to avoid it by overusing antipyretic drugs even at 37-38 degrees Celsius. Very wrongly! Fever up to 38.5 degrees Celsius is considered very desirable in infectious diseases.

Fever is a natural and effective immune mechanism aimed not at the sick person, but at the disease itself!

For example, in the case of viral infections such as the flu, fever reduces the multiplication of viruses.

So, if your child has very low immunity and often gets sick, and thus may still be a carrier of viral and bacteria that has not been combated, raise his immunity slowly. A quick increase in immunity may result in a temporary more severe illness. Although it is a natural and effective method of the body to get rid of pathogens, it can cause you a lot of stress while caring for your kid. So act gently and slowly.