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Colostrum bovinum versus Transfer Factor and other active ingredients of colostrum

Colostrum bovinum versus Transfer Factor and other active ingredients of colostrum

Bovine colostrum (BC for short) is the basic ingredient in the production of Transfer Factor supplements by 4Life Research. It is of great importance to health, as recognized by ancient healing systems in the past. Today, bovine colostrum is experiencing a renaissance, as science confirms that colostrum bovinum contains immunologically active ingredients that can be useful for humans and animals. Therefore, it can be used in many different ailments and in veterinary practice. And also safe, because it is natural!

Scientists about colostrum

Bovine colostrum (BC) is the first milk produced after birth and is a rich natural source of macro- and micro-nutrients, immunoglobulins, and peptides with anti-microbial activity and growth factors. There is strong evidence that BC is important for the nutritional and immunological support, growth, and development of the new-born calf. It is produced by the milk industry and commercially sold to promote general health and immune support. There is also increasing evidence that BC may be of value for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions in children and adults [1,2] and as a supplement for athletes to aid exercise performance and recovery [3,4]. Its use is not restricted to humans, with evidence supporting a role for its use in animal husbandry and the health and wellbeing of large animals and domestic pets [5,6,7,8,9]” - write in the January issue of "Nutrients" Raymond John Playford and Michael James Weiser (see the publication: "Bovine Colostrum: Its Constituents and Uses" "Bovine colostrum: its ingredients and applications")

Which colostrum ingredients support immunity

Producers of supplements use colostrum mainly to obtain substances that affect the immune system of humans and animals. Because colostrum is rich in them. The colostrum includes, among others:

  • very large immunological (immune) molecules, i.e. immunoglobulins (or antibodies) IgM, IgA, IgE, IgD, IgG with a size of 100-900 kDa
  • medium-sized enzymes (50-100 kDa) such as lactoferrin or lactoperoxidase providing antibacterial protection
  • small proteins (10-30 kDa) regulating the immune system, the so-called cytokines, including interferon involved in antiviral protection, interleukins regulating the immune response, or TNF or "tumor necrosis factor", one of the most important cytokines in case of cancer
  • very small peptides (3-6 kDa) with immune enhancing and regulating effects known as the Transfer Factor.

It is the latter that became the apple of the eye of 4Life Research, which was the first company in the world to produce Transfer Factor dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements with colostrum - for whom

Colostrum bovinum can be used by large and small people, as well as their pets: two-legged and four-legged, and even with beaks :) Completely safe, because bovine colostrum "has a strong safety profile, relevance across all age groups, and is delivered in a natural formulation that limits its own inactivation when taken orally. These aspects should facilitate greater consumer and patient acceptance and compliance to achieve optimal immune and digestive health. In addition to administering BC on its own, additional therapeutic value may be gained if the BC is specifically tailored for individual conditions(...)"- conclude the authors of the aforementioned research paper.

As a distributor of Transfer Factors by 4Life Research, i.e. supplements based on colostrum bovinum, based on our 17 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in Poland and around the world, we ensure that these smallest colostrum molecules have great power and we recommend them to practically everyone, except for people waiting for transplants. Why? Because immunity cannot be raised before transplants!