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Dietary supplement 4Life Transfer Factor BCV supports a healthy heart and vessels nourishment

Dietary supplement 4Life Transfer Factor BCV supports a healthy heart and vessels nourishment

Dietary supplement 4Life Transfer Factor BCV helps to nourish a healthy heart and vessels The ingredients included in the 4Life dietary supplement called Transfer Factor BCV are a response to the need to maintain health in the area of ​​the heart and blood vessels. An efficient cardiovascular system affects the entire body, allowing you to enjoy a life full of energy and strength. That is a healthy life, which is the greatest human treasure.

We only have one heart!

So we need a heart as strong as a bell.

For good reason.

It pumps blood during the day and at night, conditioning the proper functioning of all other organs.

About 5 litres of blood circulate in the circulatory system all the time! The heart must deliver it to all cells.


Who of us would not like to live our whole life healthily?

I don't think there is such a man ...

That is why we wish each other on various occasions: "A lot of health", "100 years in good health". We often utter them unknowingly, because only when the body sends out a strong alarm signal, then we do begin to look more closely at our health condition.

And the heart is easy to weaken. And it goes unnoticed.

In the case of the cardiovascular system, the very first alarm signal, be it a heart attack or a stroke, can have an immediate catastrophic effect.

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to many cardiovascular diseases. Since blood circulation is a condition for proper nutrition and oxygenation of cells, all diseases of the heart and vessels cause disorders of the whole organism.

The most common causes of cardiovascular disease include:

  • Stress
  • Bad diet
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Age
  • No traffic
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Are you also exposed to them?


Caring for healthy circulation, is it worth reaching for a 4Life supplement called Transfer Factor BCV?

A special formula of Transfer Factor BCV is based on ingredients that are known to nutritionally support the cardiovascular system.

The recipe contains:

  • Transfer Factor - a flagship ingredient developed by 4Life Research, which proudly advertises itself as an "immune system company"
  • vitamins,
  • minerals
  • plant extracts.

The important issues for a healthy circulatory system that the ingredients support are:

  • Collagen production and the smooth functioning of the blood vessels in the body (vitamin C)
  • Processes of normal red blood cell formation (vitamin B6 and vitamin B12)
  • Proper iron management (vitamin A)
  • Normal fatty acid metabolism (zinc)
  • Proper transport of iron in the body (copper)

Transfer Factor BCV also contains additional ingredients such as vitamin E, coenzyme Q-10, herbal extracts from plants such as Japanese knotweed, Japanese ginkgo and ginger oil. All of them have great nutritional value.

Easy to be wise after the event?

Better not!

Already in the first century AD, Pliny the Elder said these wise words:

"Today take care of your health so that you do not have to dream about it when you are sick".

Therefore, it is worthwhile to focus on the needs of your cardiovascular health now, instead of wondering in the future what could be done to keep your heart ringing sound like a bell.

It's worth it today:

  • quit smoking
  • learn how to manage stress,
  • exercise your muscles
  • watch your figure,
    and most of all
  • eat so that your daily diet does not lack ingredients that are good for your heart.

And if it is lacking, it is worth reaching for dietary supplements such as Transfer Factor BCV!


Author: Krzywańska
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