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Fall-winter-spring duets of Transfer Factors for the whole family

Fall-winter-spring duets of Transfer Factors for the whole family

Transitional periods: fall-winter and winter-spring are a big challenge for our health

The fall-winter and winter-spring season is the time when our body's efficiency naturally drops. This happens, among other things, due to less sunlight, which results in a decrease in the synthesis of vitamin D or nitric oxide. It is therefore a period of increased cases of catarrh, colds and other infections of the respiratory system.

It is in autumn, winter and early spring that we get sick the most. There is also a deterioration of health in many chronically ill patients. Therefore, in every disease, be it cancer, cardiovascular disease, or metabolic disease, it is a time when particular care should be taken with regard to the nutritional and energy needs of the organism. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are of course the main goal of such activities.

Appropriate dietary supplements may be a very convenient and handy help in achieving this goal. Here are our proposals for fall-winter-spring duets that support health with Transfer Factor.


Duo 1

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor 90 caps.
Transfer Factor Tri-Factor 60 caps.

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor in a duet with Transfer Factor Tri-Factor

This duo is the strongest Transfer Factor set. Therefore, we recommend it rather for adults who are looking for a very strong support for the immune system (it controls our resistance to diseases, from infections to cancer).

In addition to many other physiological ingredients, this set provides zinc, which we can officially say supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

The same cannot be said about colostrum and yolk, which are also components of these supplements, in Europe, because the relevant EU institution (EFSA) has not yet issued such a statement. Colostrum, however, has a beneficial physiological effect, which - regardless of EFSA - can be read in scientific articles, such as "Bovine Colostrum and Its Potential for Human Health and Nutrition"

The duo also includes ingredients derived from herbs and mushrooms, highly valued in herbal medicine all around the world.


Duo 2

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor 60 caps.
Transfer Factor Recall 90 caps.

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor in a duet with Transfer Factor Recall

We recommend this duo to families where anyone, especially young people, complain of weariness and fatigue.

In addition to many valuable nutrients, it contains magnesium, recognized as an important element for our mental and physical performance, because it:

  • helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system (EFSA: 2009; 7 (9): 1216)
  • helps maintain normal psychological functions (EFSA: 2010; 8 (10): 1807)
  • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and weariness (EFSA: 2010; 8 (10): 1807)
  • helps in the proper functioning of muscles (EFSA: 2009; 7 (9): 1216 and 2010; 8 (10): 1807).


Duo 3


Transfer Factor Classic 90 caps.
Transfer Factor Riovida 2 bottles

Transfer Factor Classic in a duet with Transfer Factor Riovida Tri-Factor

It is a gentle duo for everyone and all ages. The only contraindication is a possible allergy to any of the ingredients.

Although delicate, this supplementation set brings visible results usually after about 2 weeks.

In addition to Transfer Factors, it provides vitamin C and "colourful" phytochemicals, which are naturally rich in superfruits:

  • grapes,
  • apples,
  • blueberry,
  • elderberry
  • acai berries.

Among this fruit, elderberries are particularly useful during colds and viral infections. They have been used in herbal medicine during infections for centuries.

Science confirms that elderberries have antiviral effects and "may be a safe treatment option for viral respiratory diseases", including the flu, although more research is needed. Because so far there aren't many of them.