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How to boost your brain, that is what do you need when your memory fails and you get tired so easily

How to boost your brain, that is what do you need when your memory fails and you get tired so easily

Brain - the most demanding organ

The brain is an extremely demanding organ. It uses more energy than any other organ in our body. What does the brain need to run effectively? Why is Transfer Factor Recall a great brain supplement?

When we are adults, the brain consumes 20-25% of the total calories we eat. When we are children, we use up much more of them. In the case of a 6-year-old, for example, as much as 60% of all eaten calories goes to the brain!

Why so much?

Brain cells, called neurons, work non-stop, carrying out energy-consuming chemical and electrical operations. They operate even when we're asleep. What do they do then? They analyze the experiences of the past day, absorb the acquired knowledge and, of course, regulate the operation of the entire body mechanisms.

Factors that harm your brain vs. perfect conditions

Our modern lifestyle is not conducive to the proper functioning of the brain. There are many factors that may harm our brains every day, among others:

  • not enough sleep
  • not enough water drinking
  • constant use of electronic devices
  • overwhelmed stress
  • excess sugar in the diet
  • and less and less social relations (yes, these are very important for the brain!)

Thus, healthy sleep, proper hydration and a healthy diet are essential conditions for the brain to function at its highest intellectual performance at any age.

The "healthy brain" should not lack ingredients that support the proper functioning of nerve cells, including, first of all, magnesium.


Magnesium is involved in dozens of reactions in the body. Bones take it, muscles take it. Nerve cells also urgently need it.

With a magnesium deficiency, your intellect weakens, your memory fails, your mood drops, and your entire body quickly becomes weary and tired.

So enough magnesium in a healthy brain diet is a MUST!

"Brain herbs"

It is also beneficial to add to your healthy diet some super “brain” herbs that have been used in traditional herbalism for centuries, for example:

  • Ginkgo biloba ("maidenhair tree"), affects the cerebral circulation, and the cerebral circulation assures the degree of proper oxygenation and nutrition of the brain,
  • Bacopa monnieri ("water hyssop" or Brahmi), that is a herb studied for the activity of neurotransmitters, i.e. chemicals regulating the work of the brain, some of them are responsible for effective remembering.


Enlighten the darkness in your head and recall with Transfer Factor Recall 

The above-mentioned ingredients can be found in the 4Life super supplement: Transfer Factor Recall, the recipe of which was created just for supplementing a diet healthy for the contemporary brain.

Transfer Factor Recall is a unique supplement because it also contains Transfer Factor, which makes it the only one of its own on the market.

Enrich your diet with these key ingredients and let the brain operate at 100% power!

We wish you to chase away the everyday fatigue very fast!