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How to buy 4Life Transfer Factor products very cheap?

How to buy 4Life Transfer Factor products very cheap?

Transfer Factor products can be purchased at a cheaper price after registering in our 4Life network

Transfer Factors are manufactured by the American company 4Life Research, the so-called "immune system company" that distributes the products via network marketing (MLM).

We encourage you to register in our 4Life network.


Because this is how you can:

  • buy these excellent products much cheaper,
  • get our professional support and advice.

It pays off both for customers and traders.


Register via this link and buy cheaper. It's very easy:

  1. Select your country.
  2. Click Sign Up


If you do not want to register yourself, still you may buy cheaper via this link. Just:

  1. Select your country.
  2. Click Shop and enjoy discounts that we share with you!

In this "shop option" you will get cheaper prices, but no additional discounts will be available. Discounts are available only for registered customers and are applied in the shopping cart in real-time, so they reduce the purchase cost immediately.


Sign up and become 4Life Preferred Customer

Registration does not oblige you to make regular purchases, but only gives you the following privileges:

  • allows you to buy Transfer Factors at the lowest possible prices,
  • enables active participation in building the 4Life customer network, and thus achieving higher positions and related commissions (following the marketing plan),
  • allows you to participate in the Loyalty Program and receive additional bonuses and free products every month

After registration, you can buy Transfer Factor products the cheapest. For yourself, your relatives and friends. At distributor prices. With instant discounts and extra benefits.

In Europe registration costs 25 Euro + VAT. But you may take advantage of the periodic promotions that are announced from time to time.

Register via this link and get our support!

 If you need our advice, please let us know by email:


Registration pays off. Both for your health and your pocket.

A registered 4Life customer always buys products at the cheapest prices (distributor prices!).


Price comparison: Sample purchase: 4 x Transfer Factor Plus.


on transfer

after registration (Signing up)
via our link

if you already have another purchase
this month for 100 LPs *
if you don't have yet any purchase
for 100 LP * this month
Price of the products
(Netto, without VAT)
4 x 68,57 EUR = EUR 274,28  4 x EUR 51.35 = EUR 205.4
Discount available after registration 
(does not apply for the first order)
none EUR 38.45 19.23 EUR
Shipping Cost from 7 EUR free
(for orders over 100 LP, i.e 2 TF Plus).
What form of payment  prepayment (various methods) prepayment (only credit card or Paypal)
Where to ship from Poland Spain
Available couriers DPD, UPS, DHL Express
(depend upon delivery country)
only UPS
Courier transit time 1-4 business days
(depends on the delivery country and the courier)
2-4 business days (depends on the delivery country)
* LP is the point value of the product. For orders over 100 LP a month, 4Life grants special discounts.
2 x Transfer Factor Plus = 100 LP
The prices are valid as of 2/7/2022 and are subject to change.


Register via this link and we will advise you on how to get the most out of the 4life Transfer factor in your case.

We will not, however, harass you without your consent!

If you need our advice, please let us know by email:


Author: Alicja Krzywanska-PodermanskaCopyright © Primanatura 2016-