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How to give a Transfer Factor Classic capsule to a 1-year-old child

How to give a Transfer Factor Classic capsule to a 1-year-old child

At the beginning, I must write that I am not a doctor, so in the matter of whether it is right to give any supplement to a young child, you must consult a doctor.

As a parent who, with the consent of the doctor, gave his own children many dietary supplements, I recommend Transfer Factor Classic the most, because it is the most delicate and contains only ingredients derived from colostrum bovinum (bovine colostrum), which is considered a suitable supplement for young children. However, please note that this is not "regular" colostrum. According to the manufacturer, Transfer Factor supplements do not contain the full range of ingredients present in colostrum, e.g. large proteins that may be allergenic. So it's not just powdered bovine colostrum, but a colostrum extract containing only a substance called Transfer Factor - extracted from colostrum. Discovered in the 1950s, this substance is considered to be an important factor responsible for the transmission of acquired immunity (hence the name "transfer factor") and was placed in the colostrum by nature to transmit maternal immunity to the newborn baby. This substance is also found in the colostrum of a human mother shortly after having a baby. There are hundreds of studies on Transfer Factor and Immunity in the current scientific literature.

We have over 17 years of experience in using Transfer Factor supplements, both our own and based on the opinions of our customers, who have always reported great satisfaction. :) That's why I recommend Transfer Factor Classic the most.

Its capsules are easy to open and pour out the contents which resembles powdered milk. It is best to dissolve it in a small amount of water (it has no taste), rubbing it on the sides of the glass to facilitate dissolution, and then add it to food or drink, or serve it directly.

It has no bad taste so kids take it easily :)