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Pancreatic cancer and Transfer Factor supplementation

Pancreatic cancer and Transfer Factor supplementation

Customer question: Hello, my brother has pancreatic cancer, what can be used? Are there any effects from using these products in such a disease?

When answering such questions, we always emphasize at the outset that the products we offer are not drugs but dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are never meant or used to cure any disease.

In this particular case, the client asked the question in the context of the 4Life Transfer Factor Plus supplement, which, because it is not a drug, cannot be used to treat any disease, including pancreatic cancer. So don't expect that from it.

The role of food supplements is to enrich the diet with nutrients beneficial to health. Only in this way can supplements be helpful, and the effects of such supplementation are very individual. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any effects of using this product in the treatment of pancreatic cancer or any other cancer.

From our conversations with other customers, we know that many of them struggle or have struggled with oncological problems and highly praise the supplementation with 4Life Transfer Factor Plus.

4Life Transfer Factor Plus is a bestseller of the American company 4Life, so called "The Immune System Company". It appeared on the market for over 20 years (before 2004, its weaker version was available without "Tri-Factor Formula" in the name), and today it is present on markets all over the world.

4Life Transfer Factor Plus allows you to supplement both Transfer Factor (a substance obtained from colostrum bovinum and egg yolks), as well as valuable herbs widely known in herbal medicine around the world (including the famous mushrooms: maitake, shitake, and cordyceps sinensis) and zinc.

Each ingredient in 4Life Transfer Factor Plus is there for a reason. You can read about the benefits of each of them in scientific publications.

4Life created the 4Life Transfer Factor Plus for people who value high immunity. Most cancer patients do so. The exception is only those people who are waiting for transplants, because before transplants - in order to minimize the risk of rejection of the transplant by the body - immunity must be lowered.

Attention! Ill people who decide to take any supplementation must ALWAYS consult their doctor!


First of all: A person undergoing treatment and taking medications must consult EVERY dietary supplement with their attending physician, because only a physician is able to assess the safety of a given supplement for the patient (e.g. exclude potential drug interactions).

Secondly: dietary supplements are created for healthy people, which is why the daily portion of the supplement is intended for healthy people, for their health prevention purposes. If the doctor considers a given supplementation beneficial for the patient, then he can adjust the daily portion of the supplement accordingly to the patient's needs. Usually, in the disease state, the need for many nutrients is greater than before the disease. In pancreatic cancer, a nutritionally rich diet is especially important. 

Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska
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