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Recognition of 4Life Research - producer of Transfer Factor supplements

Recognition of 4Life Research - producer of Transfer Factor supplements

4Life Research is a company that has been operating on the world market for over 20 years. It was founded in the USA by the couple Bianca and David Lisonbee. 4Life Research produces dietary supplements that promote good body condition and a higher quality of life thanks to the revolutionary 4Life Transfer Factor ™ product line.

4Life Transfer Factor ™ products work very well. We experienced that over 18 years ago privately (as a family) and then decided to share with them as 4Life distributors. The popularity of Transfer Factors grows every year and crosses more and more borders. Today, you can officially buy them in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. The territorial range translates into the amount of packaging produced and the number of satisfied customers. Along with it, the recognition of the company increases by numerous bodies getting 4Life official awards and distinctions. Here are some of them.

Prize I.N. Blokhina

This award is usually given to scientists. David Lisonbee won it in 2006 for his commitment to Transfer Factor research, pending patents and innovative manufacturing processes.

Inc. Magazine

In 2003, 4Life was ranked 15th on the list of US private companies with the fastest turnover growth.

TotalHealth Magazine

TotalHealth magazine published an article about 4Life and its deep contribution to the personal wellness of its customers.

$ 100 Million Club

In 2010, 4Life joined the $ 100 Million Club as one of the direct selling companies that exceeded the $ 100 million annual sales threshold.


In early 2012, Nexera - a leading provider of training and education tools to the network marketing sector - announced the Top 25 Multi-Level Marketing Companies list, ranking 4Life in 10th place.

International Life Sciences Award, Global Health & amp; Pharma Best-In-Class

In 2017, Global Health & amp; Pharma named 4Life the Best Supplement Provider in the United States in the USA.

Gold Telly Award

In 2018, 4Life received 6 Gold Telly Awards, including a gold one for a video promoting the awareness that Transfer Factor supplements are listed in the handy lexicon of American doctors, the so-called Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR), which contains reference information on medicinal products, including dietary supplements, in accordance with FDA labeling, their chemical composition, function, method of action, indications and contraindications, clinical trials, side effects and warnings.

Corporate USA TODAY Best Supplement Provider

In 2018, Corporate USATODAY awarded 4Life the title of Best Health & amp; Fitness Supplement Provider in USA!

Stevie Award

In 2019, 4Life received the American Business Award for 4Life Pre / o Biotics and academic collaboration.

LUXlife Award

Already twice, both in 2019 and 2020, LUXlife magazine awarded 4Life for the "Best Supplements Supporting the Immune System in the United States."

International Quality Institution MONDE SELECTION

In 2020, the Monde Selection International Quality Institute, operating since 1961, awarded 4Life the award for the 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen product.

If you still have doubts about the quality of Transfer Factors, be aware that they are listed in the US Physicians' Desk Reference®: - PDR is the most recognizable source of information used by health professionals in the USA.

Try 4Life's Transfer Factors for yourself. We assure you that we haven't met a single dissatisfied client since we started to sell them in 2004 :)

Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska
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