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The best 4Life distributors in Europe - that's us!

The best 4Life distributors in Europe - that's us!

We joined 4Life as a family in 2004.


For health reasons.

In the family.

In 2000, Bogdan - my father-in-law - got the unfortunate diagnosis: a kidney tumour the size of an egg. As the prognosis of the proposed conventional treatment was very bad, Bogdan - the scientist - decided on natural methods: the dr Budwig's diet.

While following this diet, my father-in-law also used various supplements. Many different brands passed through our hands then.

In 2004 we found 4Life Transfer Factor products.

And it was a bull's eye! T

hey helped everyone. In every health condition.

Therefore, we enthusiastically decided to distribute them.

And we are not traders at all :)

We are a married couple who, until joining the 4Life distribution, earned money by producing films and multimedia. Piotr - the owner of Primanatura, the company that runs the store today - is an IT specialist by education, and I - Alicja - his right hand :), I am an architect by education.

Since my father-in-law's illness, I have completely devoted myself to the passion of studying Dr. Budwig's diet and other natural treatments.

While using 4Life Transfer Factor supplements with my friends, family and at home, I have gained a lot of experience, which I try to share with you on this store blog.

Feel free to contact us by email and ask questions about the products.

I will answer all your questions.

People who - just like us - are trying to build/rebuild their health on the foundation of strong immunity, I encourage to try 4Life Transfer Factor supplements intensively.

It's worth it! Really.

We invite doctors, therapists, nutritionists and veterinarians who would like to use the supplementation potential of 4Life Transfer Factors to join us.

We also invite sellers of healthy food and dietary supplements who would like to enrich their offer with supplements that work for everyone.

Please contact us by email:

Stay in touch!



Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska
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