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The best LUXlife immune-boosting dietary supplements

The best LUXlife immune-boosting dietary supplements

4Life Research reported that the LUXlife Magazine - a premium lifestyle publication - recognized 4Life's products as the Best Immune System Supplements 2019-USA in its competition in the health, beauty and wellness category. I admit that this does not surprise us at all, because everyday we experience how Transfer Factors work not only in our case, but in case of our many clients'. Nevertheless, we are very happy about the publicity :)

The proud 4Life CEO Danny Lee commented on the fact like this:

"Our scientific solutions, commitment to quality and excellent manufacturing practices are constantly recognized in the most important publications in the United States and other countries",

David Lisonbee, founder and CEO of 4Life, added:

“When Bianca and I founded 4Life in 1998, our goal was to bring Transfer Factor products worldwide. Thanks to distributors from around the world, we are now recognized as the producer of the best supplements that strengthen the immune system in the United States. "

Well, we are really happy to be distributors of such good food supplements!

You can trade anything, but for us, running a small family business, the most important thing is that the product we sell is really helpful. 4Life Transfer Factor supplements are like that, without a doubt!

Another award, another title is only a formal confirmation of actual potential of our bestsellers:

that we have been taking and enjoying with our clients for 18 years so far:).


Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska
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