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Transfer Factor MalePro - "no problem male" just after 1 capsule?

Transfer Factor MalePro - "no problem male" just after 1 capsule?

Daily portion of the supplement is a legal matter

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro in the form of soft gel capsules is an American dietary supplement with antioxidants dedicated to men and their optimal mental and physical condition.

The supplement contains 90 capsules.

In the USA, where the law on supplements is more liberal than in the European Union, the recommended dose of this supplement is 3 capsules daily, so the packaging is intended for monthly use by an American customer.

In the entire EU, dietary supplements are subject to strict legal restrictions, e.g. as to the maximum doses of certain ingredients, therefore, for the needs of EU market, the recommended daily dose has been reduced to 1 capsule a day.


What ingredients has 4Life selected for its "professional" men's supplement formulation?

4Life Transfer Factor

The basic, distinguishing ingredient of this supplement on the market is, of course, 4Life Transfer Factor obtained as an extract of colostrum (bovine colostrum) and chicken yolks. Each capsule contains 33.3 mg of this ingredient. This ingredient has no restrictions in Europe. Because Transfer Factor in 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro is derived from colostrum, which is milk, and from eggs, both milk and eggs are highlighted on the label as potentially allergenic food.

Zinc and selenium

The product contains nutrients commonly known to support the male organism, such as zinc and selenium. Their pro-health importance for men is recognized by science.

One capsule 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro contains 5 mg of zinc and 66 µg of selenium. According to European law, it is possible to use the following health claims for 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro:

  • 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro supports the maintenance of normal blood testosterone levels and proper fertility, thanks to zinc content. [EFSA Journal 2010; 8 (10): 1819 and EFSA Journal 2009; 7 (9): 1229]
  • 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro supports the proper functioning of the immune system and proper spermatogenesis thanks to the selenium content. [EFSA Journal 2009; 7 (9): 1220].

Zinc and selenium are used in medicine in the form of drugs and therefore the amount of zinc and selenium in dietary supplements in the European Union is limited. This is the reason why the recommended European daily portion of 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro is 3 times smaller than in the USA. It is so, because the amount of zinc and selenium in 3 capsules exceeds the daily amounts recommended in dietary supplements by EU regulations.


"Phytamins" from vegetables and herbs

4Life based its recipe also on traditional herbal medicine. "Phytamins" is the new scientific name for health-promoting plant-derived substances.

Lycopene and extracts from saw palmetto (Latin Serenoa repens), nettle (Urtica dioica L.), broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.), kudzu (Pueraria lobata), soybeans (Glycine max), are concerned the valued herbs for men because of numerous nutrients that allow the male body to maintain good condition. As science proves many of phytamins can support the male diet effectively.

"Nutraceutical Strategies and some phytotherapies can also be effective in promoting prostate health. Popular foods (onions, garlic and tomato), nutraceuticals (pollen extract and beta-sitosterols) and herbal medicines (Pygeum africanum and Urtica dioica) are rational approaches. " - write the authors of one of the latest (February 2019) reviews of phytotherapy progress in in promoting men's health: "Beyond tribulus (Tribulus terrestris L.): The effects of phytotherapics on testosterone, sperm and prostate parameters "(Eng." Beyond tribulus (Tribulus terrestris L.): The effect of phytotherapy on testosterone, sperm and prostate parameters ") .


So what? 3 capsules or 1 capsule a day?

From an economic point of view, 1 capsule a day is more profitable, because the packaging is enough for 3 months.

However, you are often ask us the following question:

does a reduced portion of the supplement 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro work the same way as the portion recommended in the USA?

We advise you to test it yourself :) But only after obtaining the consent of your doctor, because the amount of zinc and selenium in 3 capsules is a really strong dose: 15 mg of zinc and 200 µg selenium! If your doctor or dietitian thinks that your male problems are caused by deficiencies of these 2 elements, then they will - I think - recommend you 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro in the US dosage.


Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska
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