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Transfer Factor supplementation during severe Epstein-Barr virus infection

Transfer Factor supplementation during severe Epstein-Barr virus infection

Question from customer: I have Epstein-Barr virus, one of the herpes virus types. This virus is in a severe chronic stage. So I have a question, which transfer factor is most effective against viruses?

As always, to start with, I need to put it very clearly: we offer Transfer Factor products that are dietary supplements, not drugs, and are not intended to treat any ailments. Nevertheless, all food ingredients, including those contained in dietary supplements, have an obvious impact on the functioning of the body. Proper selection of the nutrients during the treatment of any disease can prove to be of great benefit. Please, always ask your doctor or dietitian for specific advice.

As a seller of Transfer Factor supplements, based on experience since 2004, I highly recommend you the following 2 products: Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor Formula and Transfer Factor Tri-Factor whose ingredients complement each other very favourably. I encourage you to try such supplementation for at least 3-4 weeks.

The proposed set includes:

  • ingredients derived from nutritionally rich colostrum (Transfer Factors),
  • phytochemicals from mushrooms and herbs used in traditional herbal medicine
  • zinc, which - according to the currently applicable European Union law - can officially be written as helping in the proper functioning of the immune system "- EFSA Journal 2009; 7 (9): 1229.

The proper functioning of the immune system is crucial for the success of any treatment, especially in such a severe infection as caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Therefore, the use of nutrients that help the immune system cannot be overestimated.

Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska / Copyright © Primanatura 2016-