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What Transfer Factor supplements to buy during cancer treatment?

What Transfer Factor supplements to buy during cancer treatment?

A question from a client: I am undergoing chemotherapy (squamous cancer). What supplement should I buy?

To begin with, I must make it clear that the Transfer Factor products that we offer are dietary supplements, not drugs, and therefore are not intended to treat any disease, especially cancerous ones. Supplements should be treated as foodstuffs, such as garlic or turmeric. Like garlic and turmeric, many supplements contain beneficial ingredients that can be used to supplement the daily diet in any health condition, unless, of course, your doctor tells you otherwise!

Based on my over 18 years of experience in distributing 4Life Transfer Factor, I highly recommend our strongest supplement, that is 4Life Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor . It is a universal Transfer Factor product which, thanks to its zinc content, supports the proper functioning of the immune system. Zinc is a valuable support for the diet, both in health and in disease.

4Life Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor contains also other valuable nutrients, but as a retailer we cannot write about them in terms of health effects. However, you can ask your doctor if other ingredients may be of benefit to you, e.g. whether to include beta-glucans from mushrooms and oats in your diet.

In order to optimally use Transfer Factor for supplementation - in my opinion - it is worth increasing their impact by purchasing 2 complementary supplements, which are:

I hope that after a month such a trio will give you a clear feeling of the differences before and after supplementation :)

Finally, I must point out once again that the daily portions recommended on dietary supplements are intended for dietary supplementation, not for treatment. In any disease, including cancer, the need for individual nutrients may increase 2-3 times. If in doubt whether the daily dose of the supplement is sufficient, consult your doctor. Without his recommendations, you shouldn't increase the portion of supplements yourself!


Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska / Copyright © Primanatura 2016-