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Which 4Life Transfer Factor product is best for you?

Which 4Life Transfer Factor product is best for you?

Which 4Life Transfer Factor is Best for You?

We have been distributing 4Life Transfer Factor products continuously since 2004 and we have extensive experience in this field.

All products contain the famous 4Life Transfer Factor in the form of proprietary extracts of colostrum bovinum (Transfer Factor XF ™, UltraFactor XF® and NanoFactor®) and/or chicken egg yolks (Transfer Factor E-XF ™, Tri-Factor ™ Formula and OvoFactor®).

Below you will find practical tips that will allow you to find the right 4Life Transfer Factor product just for your needs.




In a nutshell

(for better readability we use the abbreviation: 4L TF = 4Life Transfer Factor)

Are you an adult and want to ensure good immunity and fitness for everyday use?

Select 4L TF Plus global a bestseller for over 20 years.

Are you looking for colostrum for kids?

Select 4L TF Classic - the softest Transfer Factor.

Are you very sensitive, have frequent allergies and want to start carefully?

Choose the softest 4L TF Classic or a bit stronger 4L TF Tri-Factor, where you can still feel safe.

Having trouble swallowing capsules? Do you prefer lozenges?

Select 4L TF Chewable in lozenges or 4L TF RioVida in fruit juice form.

Are you missing fruit in your diet? Do you need vitamin C?

Select 4L TF RioVida - delicious juice with concentrated super fruit.

Do you work or exercise a lot? Are you overworking yourself? Are you stressing or worrying about free radicals?

Select 4L TF Renuvo - super supplement with super adaptogens.

Do you want to feel good regardless of your period? Or maybe you want to add more feminine charm to your figure?

Select 4L TF BelleVie developed with women in mind.

Do you fantasize about being a macho and you lack vigor?

Select 4L TF MalePro created for real men.

Are you concerned about the right level of sugar? Do you want to maintain a good metabolism?

Select 4L TF Glucoach - a supplement that will support you in this.

Your heart and circulation need support?

Select 4L TF BCV , ready to help

Do you have problems with concentration and memory? Mental work wears you out quickly?

Select 4L TF Recall , an excellent supplement for the brain


Still having trouble choosing the best Transfer Factor for you?

Then have some additional tips below.


Get started

At the beginning, it is best to choose basic products, the most delicate:

  • 4L TF Classic
    The most delicate and basic. Contains transfer factors obtained only from cow's milk (colostrum bovinum).
  • 4L TF Tri-Factor
    Slightly stronger than the 4L TF Classic. Contains an extract of both cow's milk and chicken eggs.

These are the best products for the beginning, especially suitable for people who are very sensitive or who are worried about the aggravation of allergic reactions.

Super power

For a very difficult time for health, choose the strongest product, that is 4L TF Plus .

4L TF Plus is the most popular 4Life supplement, a global bestseller.

It can be used every day all year round to help keep the body in top shape.

Contains both bovine colostrum extract, chicken egg yolks and a set of additional nutrients: zinc, shiitake, maitake, Chinese cordyceps, Brazilian mushroom, baker's yeast, aloe leaf, olive leaf, soybeans, sheep seeds, IP phytic acid -6.

More energy

When there is a lack of fresh fruit and sun, reach for this duo:

  • 4L TF RioVida - fruity , a concentrated drink which, in addition to bovine colostrum and chicken yolk extract, contains concentrated juice from super fruits: apples, grapes, elderberries, acai and blueberry.

  • 4L TF Plus - Transfer Factor with super power. Best-seller.

You can use them daily.

"Instead of candy"

Not only for children, that is supplements that are both gentle and tasty at the same time:

  • 4L TF Classic - after chewing the capsule tastes like powdered milk and at the same time does not contain any additional substances apart from bovine colostrum extract.
  • 4L TF RioVida - has a form of juice with an intense fruity flavor. In addition to colostrum extract and yolks, it contains concentrated fruit juices. It can be added to morning cocktails, smoothies or muesli. Riovida means "The River of Life".
  • 4L TF Chewable - citrus - creamy "candies" containing colostrum and egg yolks extract. They can be taken to school or on a trip. They are the equivalent of the base 4L TF Tri-Factor.

Target your problem

Targeted products are supplements that, thanks to the composition of wspecific processes in the body argue. They are:

Feminine and Masculine

The needs of the body depending on the sex are very different. Sexual characteristics are controlled by different hormones in women and men. They affect the entire physiology. The appropriate level of male and female hormones depends, among others, on good mood, proper metabolism, regular hormonal cycles, bone and muscle building. However, they most strongly influence how femininity or masculinity is felt and presented.
4Life has developed two different supplements designed to support femininity and masculinity :)

Fitness, sports, slimming, hard work

Sports, fitness, weight loss and hard work have things in common. They require a lot of effort from the body. You need to build muscle, remove fat, repair damage, and remove waste products, including free radicals.
New tissues and energy needed to work do not come from nothing. We offer you three 4Life products that will support you during exercise by providing nutrients for which the body may have an increased demand. You can use them interchangeably, but you will achieve the best results by supplementing them at the same time.

  • 4L TF Renuvo - includes the flagship Transfer Factor from 4Life and natural herbs with adaptogenic properties. It supports the body in situations of stress and increased effort.
  • 4L TF RioVida - tasty condensed fruit juice rich in antioxidants, enriched with colostrum and chicken yolks extract. Perfect as an addition to energy and diet cocktails.
  • 4L TF Plus - sensational a supplement that works and supports regardless of the type of activity.


Transfer Factor Classic | 600 mg | 90 caps, dietary supplement, 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Classic | 600 mg | 90 caps, dietary supplement, 4Life, USA

56,19 € incl. VAT/1szt.(0,62 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor Tri-Factor | 600 mg | 60 caps, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor | 600 mg | 60 caps, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

62,34 € incl. VAT/1szt.(1,04 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor - dietary supplement 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor - dietary supplement 4Life, USA

79,90 € incl. VAT/1szt.(0,89 € / pc. incl. VAT)