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How long should you use Transfer Factor supplementation and which product should you choose: Classic, Tri-Factor or Plus?

How long should you use Transfer Factor supplementation and which product should you choose: Classic, Tri-Factor or Plus?

Question from the client: Do you have data on how long the transfer factor treatment should last? And what is the difference between transfer factor and transfer factor plus? I understand these additional ingredients are involved. But is the quantity of the base component the same?

At the outset, I must underline that both 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, Classic and Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus are dietary supplements, not drugs. Dietary supplements are not intended for the diagnosis or curing of any diseases. So we cannot officially use the word "treatment" which is a synonym for "cure".  Food supplements are intended only for dietary supplementation.

May be a month or more

Transfer Factor supplementation may only last one month. Our experience shows that the results should be visible already at this time. If they are satisfactory, supplementation can be discontinued. But, if you wish, you can continue.

More information on the most appropriate time to apply the Transfer Factors: Should 4Life Transfer Factors be supplemented continuously or periodically?

Universal or targeted supplementation

Among 4Life Transfer Factors, we distinguish universal products and targeted specific needs (health of specific systems, i.e heart, brain, pancreas and fitness sector).

Universal products, i.e. basic preparations, have a general comprehensive effect promoting good health and condition. That's why they are bestsellers, especially this three: 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, Transfer Factor Classic and Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus. They are perfect for supplementation for people who care about overall good condition, regardless of the season. They are also very suitable for starting a healthy journey with Transfer Factors for the first time.

Which Transfer Factor to choose?

Among universal supplements, we have 2 "simple" preparations, i.e. one-component preparations that contain only Transfer Factors ( 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, Transfer Factor Classic ) and 2 "complex" ones composed of many ingredients ( Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus,  4Life Transfer Factor RioVida ).

4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor , Transfer Factor Classic And 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida can be used in any condition. Classic is the most gentle in action, therefore it is more suitable for young children, and Tri-Factor and Riovida are medium strength - better for teenagers and adults.

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus is the strongest all-year-round supplement from 4Life and, according to our more than 18 years of distribution experience, we do not recommend it for people prone to allergies or autoimmunity. But if you are a not allergic adult with no autoimmune conditions, then - in our opinion - Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus is the best food supplement ever.

Where did this Transfer Factor come from?

The basic ingredient of all 4Life Transfer Factor supplements are the so-called Transfer Factors Factors obtained from colostrum and/or chicken yolks. And so:

  • w Transfer Factor Classic , 1 capsule contains 200 mg of Transfer Factors obtained exclusively from colostrum (bovine colostrum),
  • w Transfer Factor Tri-Factor , 1 capsule contains 300 mg of Transfer Factors obtained from both colostrum (bovine colostrum) and chicken egg yolks,
  • w Transfer Factor RioVida , 30 ml contains 600 mg Transfer Factors obtained from both colostrum (bovine colostrum) and egg yolks and gorgeous berry fruit juices,
  • w Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus , 1 capsule contains 100 mg of Transfer Factors obtained from both colostrum (bovine colostrum) and chicken egg yolks and additional herbal ingredients showing a synergistic effect, as a result of which the supplement has the strongest effect, but not suitable for people with disorders as above.

In addition to the above-mentioned universal dietary supplements, 4Life Research has developed targeted formulas, i.e. dedicated formulas as nutritional support for specific needs. You can read about them here:

Which 4Life Transfer Factor Product Should You Choose? Check this guide.

Author: Alicja Krzywańska-Podermańska
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