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Opinions about Transfer Factor products

Caution! 4Life Transfer Factor products are dietary supplements only. They are not medicines and are not used to cure or diagnose diseases - whether they are infections, cancer, allergies or autoimmune diseases.

Transfer factors are dietary supplements that enrich the diet with deficient nutrients and thus support proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is beneficial at any age and health condition. Proper nutrition is also beneficial in any illness - whether it is an infection or cancer, allergy or an autoimmune disease. That's why you can reach for nutritional supplements in almost every health condition. Of course, if your doctor doesn't tell you not to.


People who have shared their opinion with us have taken Transfer Factors for various health conditions, which they report about in their reviews. Many of them have enriched their diet during a particular illness. It should be reiterated that the ingestion of transfer factors during treatment was intended to supplement the diet for general health purposes. And as you can read below, these goals have been achieved.


CAUTION! We quote the opinions verbatim as they were communicated to us. We remind you once again that food supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Dietary supplements should be kept out of the reach of small children. The recommended daily dose stated on the package should not be exceeded. People suffering from any medical condition should seek medical advice before changing their diet.



What our customers say about the 4Life Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor:

  • A year ago I used 2 packs of 4Life Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor but I know three is recommended. Actually you don't feel any change in everyday life, but so far I've had throat infections every year, very severe, as well as nose infections. After 2 packages I didn't get sick once. It really affects me and makes me immune to all kinds of infections. I don't know if it's from these supplements, but my metabolism has also improved and I've had problems with it. I recommend taking it throughout September, October and November. That's what I'm doing this year, use up second pack and buy the third, although I'll look for the cheapest deal because of the high price. As a preventive measure, you can also consume a pack after the winter. Dosage as recommended:

  • I am starting third week of taking Transfer Factor Plus. I take 2 x 4 capsules, every other day. Also, I drink papaya or pineapple juice with ground flaxseed 2 hours after eating. My feelings after using Transfer Factor Plus: I feel something of a slight, subtle improvement, although not obvious. Because of multiple sclerosis, I always go to rehabilitation. I just feel like I can raise the knee that I've been struggling with for a while a little easier. The performance of the entire leg, starting with the foot, is still poor.
    J - December 2010

  • 5/5 I am satisfied with the customer service. Fast shipping, no problems. Goods consistent with the order. I've been using the supplement for 2 days so I can't comment on the results, but someone in my family has been taking this supplement for a long time and his resistance has really increased a lot, so he's coped with cancer. E 2019

What our customers say about the 4Life Transfer Factor Classic (excerpts):


  • “I first took TF (4Life Transfer Factor Classic) in October 2008. It was recommended to us by friends who also give it to their child. As it is with preschool children: infection after infection. My child was sick very often, and each infection ended with angina and antibiotics. When he returned to kindergarten weakened after taking an antibiotic, he quickly contracted another infection. The sores recurred at any time of the year. When he got angina again after the second week of September 2008 (ie after two weeks of attending kindergarten after the summer break), I had had enough. Then friends recommended TF (4Life Transfer Factor Classic) to us. And we started taking it twice a day. Admittedly, I was very skeptical about the subject. We previously tested various immune-boosting drugs recommended by paediatricians – without any effect. I wasn't expecting anything amazing. I watched my son closely for the first few days and looked for possible side effects - nothing of the sort happened. On the other hand, my son stopped taking antibiotics from the start and didn't develop a serious infection – he once had intestinal flu. Even during the last flu epidemic that broke out in Poznań in January, my child didn't get sick. In such situations, as a rule, it “fell” first. It wasn't until mid-February that he got a mild cold – the infection lasted 3 days. During the visit, the doctor stated that the child was clean on auscultation and the throat was normal. The only symptoms were a runny nose, cough and a slightly elevated temperature. The usual medication to lower the fever and vitamin C were sufficient. For the first time, my child came out of such a situation with a whole skin. I'm convinced it was thanks to TF Classic (4Life Transfer Factor Classic).Now I've ordered another pack because my son has had smallpox for the past two weeks. I read that this disease significantly lowers immunity and temporarily affects the immune system. Because my son is going back to kindergarten, where the spring flu season is starting again, I have decided to support him with this dietary supplement. I also think it is thanks to TF that he had very mild smallpox. Although the rash was very intense, it was not accompanied by additional symptoms such as high fever, intestinal disorders or vomiting.

  • “First of all, the good news: my psoriasis is 70% cured. There are still some small changes and scars that I tan intensely because when the psoriasis goes away white spots remain and they are quite difficult to tan, especially on dark complexions when healthy skin tans very quickly and the healed - brand new - has no pigment (attached a photo of my thighs.
    I started taking Transfer Factor Classic in February (2006), first 2 weeks 3x1, then 2 months of 3x2 (wrote you in April that I didn't really see any improvement); when I increased the dose to 3 x 3, after three weeks it got worse: new changes appeared, the old ones got bigger, the skin hurt and itched, I scratched my arms and legs until it bled. Luckily I already had Transfer Factor Renewall which relieved the itching a lot and I started taking Transfer Factor Classic 3x4 and after two weeks the psoriasis started to go away and I reduced Transfer Factor Classic to 3x1. I also have B- Complex 2 x 50 mg, Silimarol 3 x 150 mg, Omega3, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, potassium and melatonin included in the treatment. I took this remedy for 3 months. And of course I tried to follow the diet (by Dr. Budwig). I think if I had increased the dose of Transfer Factor Classic earlier the process would have been shorter but most importantly it had started and my 50 year old psoriasis gave up.” M. - July 2006

  • “I've had RA (rheumatoid arthritis) for about 25 years. Initially, I was in the outpatient clinic of the Rheumatology Institute, but when problems arose with side effects of the drugs used (Voltaren), I switched to natural and quasi-natural methods. I've checked many of them with no success. I gave up attending to rheumatologists after going into the ward in 2003, where they tried to include metatrexate in my treatment. It was stopped after the first dose because the liver values ​​increased. They also tried to force me to take steroids, which I didn't accept. I have achieved the best results with a magnetic field: with magnetostimulation. It kept me in fairly good condition for about 12 years and reduced the effects of the disease (inflammation, pain, swelling). It is for this reason that I became professionally involved in this field (I am a trained medical electronics engineer) and work in it despite my almost 72 years (although now only as a technical consultant). About three years ago I had such a relapse (mainly attacking my knees) where all measures failed - both magnetostimulation and all NSAIDs. After almost 6 months (very difficult) I come across Transfer Factor Classic. After about 10 days of taking it, I was able to move - my knees allowed me (not without pain) to stand up without having to support myself. After about a year I did lab tests and here was a shock: the Waaler-Rose test returned to the norm of a healthy person - under 8 and latex (RF) was ++ (in the hospital in 2003 it was over 1700 and latex was ++++). This year the January Waaler-Rose test continued to be below 8 and RF+. During this period I had practically no worsening of the disease or attacks of pain. I didn't expect such results because they indicate some kind of inhibition of the disease.
    W - September 2010


What our customers say about the 4Life Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor:

  • “For many years I had to struggle with a severe allergy in the spring. My nose and eyes were constantly dripping and my eyelids were always swollen. Since consuming a pack of Transfer Factor Tri-Factor my problems are over. Once and for all! :)”
    M. - 2017

  • 5/5 The best. My son has been using it regularly since January and doesn't get sick. I recommend. L 2020

  • “I support myself and my adult children year-round with the 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor nutritional supplement. I am very happy with the results. I also recommend it to my friends.” E. 2020


Transfer Factor Classic | 600 mg | 90 caps, dietary supplement, 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Classic | 600 mg | 90 caps, dietary supplement, 4Life, USA

56,19 € incl. VAT/1szt.(0,62 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor Tri-Factor | 600 mg | 60 caps, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor | 600 mg | 60 caps, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

62,34 € incl. VAT/1szt.(1,04 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor - dietary supplement 4Life, USA

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor - dietary supplement 4Life, USA

79,90 € incl. VAT/1szt.(0,89 € / pc. incl. VAT)
Transfer Factor RioVida - 2 x 500 ml, dietary supplement 4Life, USA Special offer

Transfer Factor RioVida - 2 x 500 ml, dietary supplement 4Life, USA

67,00 € incl. VAT/1szt.Lowest price in 30 days before discount: 70,20 €/1szt.-4% Regular price: 88,68 € incl. VAT/1szt.-24%(0,07 € / pc. incl. VAT)